Dressing for Wedding Photography

Dress up appropriately for wedding photography

Wedding Photography is among the most interesting types of photography out there. One of the reason is because this type involves capturing real moments of people during the event that does not require posing for the camera a lot. The best kind of pictures are the ones that are shot without notice as they are among the most real memories captured by the camera so the couple can look at them later on in their lives to reminisce about this memorable day. It is, however, important that the photographer as well as their team do not disturb eh flow of the event. For the sake of good shots, sometimes, photographers take it too far and become a nuisance. Avoid doing that if you are going to take this as a profession. Try your best to look like a part of the event by dressing up appropriately so even if you are captured in the video, you do not look like the odd one out.

wedding photographer

There are many tips you can get form the pros to keep in mind before you purchase your equipment. Camera and lens type is specific to the kind of photography you decide to take up thus, a thorough research is in order before you pay for any equipment at all. When it comes to weddings, there are multiple parts involved in wedding photography. There is the task of capturing moments during the entire event as well as couple photography that requires you to come up with good ideas for the shoot. Every photographer has his own personal style that makes his photography stand out among others in the same industry. It takes time to develop that signature style and you should not hesitate to push your limits if you know what you want to achieve along the way.

dark wedding photo

Wedding Planning Tips

Step by step preparation to wedding ceremony

As you prepare for the grand wedding celebration, you should arrange various things as per your needs. The wedding planner should be prepared in which you will list out all the tasks that should be accomplished before the wedding. The following are some of the important tasks which should be fulfilled in a systematic way so that there will be great satisfaction:

Order your gown

The wedding gown should be ordered to a reputed tailor. You should be aware of the time taken by the tailor to stitch the gown. There should be room for remodeling as well. The initial deposit demanded by the tailor, the charge to dry different kinds of dresses, stocking or preparation of the outfit for the bridal party, help offered in finding the fabric, fittings & accessories required and adjustments required for the gown should be discussed. The Wedding planning should take place months before the ceremony so that there will not be any confusion at any stage.

The payment & cancellation policy and refund policy should be found out from the tailor so that you can place an order very confidently as per your budget.

Hire a florist

A florist should be hired so that the artistic and pleasant work will be done on the auspicious day. The artist should possess exceptional skill and talent so that your ideas will be translated into reality by applying the work standards. There are florists who will engage their assistants. Hence, you should find out whether the head florist’s service and presence at the workplace.

The wedding planning should include the details about hiring various artists including florists. The advance to be paid to the florist, the familiarity of the florist with the venue, experience & training of the florist, the number of weddings handled by the florist per year, pricing of flowers and delivery & setup cost should be ascertained in advance.

The availability of flowers, type of flowers, containers and other information should be collected from the florist. When you take a quote from more than two florists, you will be able to settle for the best florist as per your needs.

wedding ceremony photo

Hire best musician

The band/DJ that you hire on the special day should be one of the reasons to uplift the spirits of guests. Profound memories should be collected by each and every participant. Hence, annoying instruments should be avoided. A seasoned musician will go through the venue and offer best-in-class performance to spell bound the audience. You can go through the past performance, testimonials offered by customers, budgets and other details from musician to settle for the best.

To figure out one of your gigs, you can request a demo as well. The formal training, experience, size of the music library, the capability to play your list of songs, equipment, space requirements, and ability to work in conjunction with the DJ should be discussed with the musician. The deposit, overtime charges, additional charges and other information should be collected before finalizing the contract.

Offer best food

It is very much important to offer the best and unique food after the completion of the ceremony. The caterer’s qualifications, experience, specialization, serving capability, waiting staff, staff dress code, kitchen facilities, references, ability to work with fresh or frozen food and menu selection options should be discussed.

The cost of glassware, arrangement of special menu for children, provision for special dietary requirements, alcohol and beverages serving capability, time required for setup, overtime charges, and other crucial information should be collected before hiring the caterer. You should choose a caterer who can deliver a personal touch by preparing special food as per your direction.

Erection of marquee

The erection of marquee will be done by specialized professionals. The availability of the professional for in-site estimate, available sizes, capacity, advance payment, the color of marquee skins available, lining and flooring options, inclusion of tables and chairs in the price, interior & exterior lighting, provision of power supply and incorporation of your wedding theme as per the wedding planning should be figured out before hiring the marquee specialist.

The time required setup the marquee and dismantling the marquee, inclusion of walkways, arrangement of portable toilets, advance payment and other information should be collected before hiring the specialist.

Silhouette Photography


Like we know, Silhouette refers to the outline or dark shape of something or someone visible in confined light against a very bright background, hence, silhouette photography captures the shadow casted by a darker object or person compared to that of a relatively brighter background. The greatest way to do this is to shoot during the beginning or end of the day when the sun is beneath the horizon or just on the verge of rising/setting.

Photography by Dylan M Howell.

The best ways to photograph silhouettes are:

  • Choosing a strong subject – Almost all subjects can be made into a silhouette, however something strong and having a recognizable shape must be chosen which will be appealing enough in its dimensional form to hold the interest of those viewing your captured image. Since silhouettes cannot recognize colors, tones, textures and proximity of the subject, the shape of the chosen object ought to be vivid.
  • Turning off the flash – Turning off the flash is very important as flashes ruin the quality of the silhouette, all you require is a little light on the front of your subject thereby, removing the flash.
  • Getting the light correctly – When lighting  of the subject is considered, you need to exclude certain principles of usual photography and think out of the box because in silhouette photography, you need a shining background and thus, avoid the foreground brightness. Therefore, the ideal place for shooting your pictures is during sunrise or sunset.
  • Framing the image – Framing your shot is equally necessary as you are shooting it in a nice plain or surface with a bright background. It is best recommended to position the brightest source of light behind your subject so that they hide it or remains somewhere in the background.
  • Making silhouetted shapes distinct – Try to separate your images if you intend to capture silhouettes of them simultaneously, also during framing you will definitely want to photograph silhouettes of people instead of looking straight on thereby, making their facial features outlined and recognizable.
  • Auto Mode – Since modern cameras sense quickly how to expose a photograph in order to check that everything is well lit, they will light up your subject rather than underexposing it. Thus, it is essential to point your camera at the brightest portion of your picture and then press the shutter half way down without letting it go, and then by moving your camera to frame the shot along with the subject, the image gets captured.
  • Manual Mode – In case this technique is inefficient and your camera has enough control over manual exposure, you might try new settings; the beauty of digital is that it keeps experimenting till the end of all shoots to your heart’s content. The most convenient way to start using manual mode is to observe the shutter speed and aperture that it recommends in automatic mode.
  • Focusing – Maximizing the depth of field by use of aperture enhances the quality and focusing power of silhouette images.

The beauty of silhouettes is unique, happy capturing!

Floral Photography

Beautiful Floral Photography

I am attracted to nature. So, my photographic interests are also in the nature. There is something about beauty of a flower with wide variety of colors, shapes and patterns that has a soothing effect on my mind. It does not depend on the place where it blooms. It can be anywhere.

flower photo

The advantage of taking pictures of a flower is that it is a willing subject. Flowers do not move away when you are taking a photograph. The basic idea is to make our photos different from the others with a “wow” factor. Likewise, my aim is to make it make it the best among the photographs

You must remember that shooting at the eye level do not give the best result. In order to create the images more creative and dynamic, one should shoot straight down at the flower. You may also get down on your knees for shooting. You have to look around for the flower and the background.  You have to adjust angle depending on the light.

Shooting flowers is a good excuse to meditate. Sit down, try to find a spot away from people and relax. Take time before you start the shooting to sense the odors, colors and shapes.

The photograph of flowers must bring out the beauty. The image should be composed in a way that the flower is prominent and not lost in a maze. Flower is such a beautiful thing and some are so complex that you have to shoot from the closest possible place. 

You may find that the wind is blowing when you are all set to shoot from a close range. Even if there is a cool wind blowing, it would disturb the flower. It is a good idea to carry something like an umbrella to guard the wind.

The best time to shoot is close to sunrise or sunset. It is done at that time as the sun is low in the sky and the light is best. You can try to place the flower between the camera and the sun. You may also add a hint of the sun peeking out from the edge of the flower to create a starburst effect.  

Use a background that has got a different color than the main subject. It surely helps to define what is most important in the picture.

At the time of taking photographs of flowers, we tend to focus on everything. But sometimes give us a messy image. Sharp focus is crucial when you are taking photograph of flower. Small adjustment can have massive impact for your shot. You have to identify the point which you want to focus. After that you have to ensure that it is as sharp as possible.

For creating extra interest in your photograph, you have to plan about how to composing photograph. You may tilt your camera to get an interesting viewpoint and slightly crooked horizon.

You can find photography “tips” everywhere on the internet, but the best results can be achieved by trial and error method, which requires a lot of patience and an eye for details. If you are willing to go the extra mile to achieve the perfect shot, then you will figure out a way to avoid all obstacles on your course like too low light or too much wind.