Floral Photography

Beautiful Floral Photography

I am attracted to nature. So, my photographic interests are also in the nature. There is something about beauty of a flower with wide variety of colors, shapes and patterns that has a soothing effect on my mind. It does not depend on the place where it blooms. It can be anywhere.

flower photo

The advantage of taking pictures of a flower is that it is a willing subject. Flowers do not move away when you are taking a photograph. The basic idea is to make our photos different from the others with a “wow” factor. Likewise, my aim is to make it make it the best among the photographs

You must remember that shooting at the eye level do not give the best result. In order to create the images more creative and dynamic, one should shoot straight down at the flower. You may also get down on your knees for shooting. You have to look around for the flower and the background.  You have to adjust angle depending on the light.

Shooting flowers is a good excuse to meditate. Sit down, try to find a spot away from people and relax. Take time before you start the shooting to sense the odors, colors and shapes.

The photograph of flowers must bring out the beauty. The image should be composed in a way that the flower is prominent and not lost in a maze. Flower is such a beautiful thing and some are so complex that you have to shoot from the closest possible place. 

You may find that the wind is blowing when you are all set to shoot from a close range. Even if there is a cool wind blowing, it would disturb the flower. It is a good idea to carry something like an umbrella to guard the wind.

The best time to shoot is close to sunrise or sunset. It is done at that time as the sun is low in the sky and the light is best. You can try to place the flower between the camera and the sun. You may also add a hint of the sun peeking out from the edge of the flower to create a starburst effect.  

Use a background that has got a different color than the main subject. It surely helps to define what is most important in the picture.

At the time of taking photographs of flowers, we tend to focus on everything. But sometimes give us a messy image. Sharp focus is crucial when you are taking photograph of flower. Small adjustment can have massive impact for your shot. You have to identify the point which you want to focus. After that you have to ensure that it is as sharp as possible.

For creating extra interest in your photograph, you have to plan about how to composing photograph. You may tilt your camera to get an interesting viewpoint and slightly crooked horizon.

You can find photography “tips” everywhere on the internet, but the best results can be achieved by trial and error method, which requires a lot of patience and an eye for details. If you are willing to go the extra mile to achieve the perfect shot, then you will figure out a way to avoid all obstacles on your course like too low light or too much wind.