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Wedding Planning Tips

Step by step preparation to wedding ceremony

As you prepare for the grand wedding celebration, you should arrange various things as per your needs. The wedding planner should be prepared in which you will list out all the tasks that should be accomplished before the wedding. The following are some of the important tasks which should be fulfilled in a systematic way so that there will be great satisfaction:

Order your gown

The wedding gown should be ordered to a reputed tailor. You should be aware of the time taken by the tailor to stitch the gown. There should be room for remodeling as well. The initial deposit demanded by the tailor, the charge to dry different kinds of dresses, stocking or preparation of the outfit for the bridal party, help offered in finding the fabric, fittings & accessories required and adjustments required for the gown should be discussed. The Wedding planning should take place months before the ceremony so that there will not be any confusion at any stage.

The payment & cancellation policy and refund policy should be found out from the tailor so that you can place an order very confidently as per your budget.

Hire a florist

A florist should be hired so that the artistic and pleasant work will be done on the auspicious day. The artist should possess exceptional skill and talent so that your ideas will be translated into reality by applying the work standards. There are florists who will engage their assistants. Hence, you should find out whether the head florist’s service and presence at the workplace.

The wedding planning should include the details about hiring various artists including florists. The advance to be paid to the florist, the familiarity of the florist with the venue, experience & training of the florist, the number of weddings handled by the florist per year, pricing of flowers and delivery & setup cost should be ascertained in advance.

The availability of flowers, type of flowers, containers and other information should be collected from the florist. When you take a quote from more than two florists, you will be able to settle for the best florist as per your needs.

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Hire best musician

The band/DJ that you hire on the special day should be one of the reasons to uplift the spirits of guests. Profound memories should be collected by each and every participant. Hence, annoying instruments should be avoided. A seasoned musician will go through the venue and offer best-in-class performance to spell bound the audience. You can go through the past performance, testimonials offered by customers, budgets and other details from musician to settle for the best.

To figure out one of your gigs, you can request a demo as well. The formal training, experience, size of the music library, the capability to play your list of songs, equipment, space requirements, and ability to work in conjunction with the DJ should be discussed with the musician. The deposit, overtime charges, additional charges and other information should be collected before finalizing the contract.

Offer best food

It is very much important to offer the best and unique food after the completion of the ceremony. The caterer’s qualifications, experience, specialization, serving capability, waiting staff, staff dress code, kitchen facilities, references, ability to work with fresh or frozen food and menu selection options should be discussed.

The cost of glassware, arrangement of special menu for children, provision for special dietary requirements, alcohol and beverages serving capability, time required for setup, overtime charges, and other crucial information should be collected before hiring the caterer. You should choose a caterer who can deliver a personal touch by preparing special food as per your direction.

Erection of marquee

The erection of marquee will be done by specialized professionals. The availability of the professional for in-site estimate, available sizes, capacity, advance payment, the color of marquee skins available, lining and flooring options, inclusion of tables and chairs in the price, interior & exterior lighting, provision of power supply and incorporation of your wedding theme as per the wedding planning should be figured out before hiring the marquee specialist.

The time required setup the marquee and dismantling the marquee, inclusion of walkways, arrangement of portable toilets, advance payment and other information should be collected before hiring the specialist.